Implant Dentistry’s Most  Innovative Digital Workflow

Optimizing and Growing Your Practice Through Unique Digital Solutions

ZimVie offers a one-of-a-kind, end-to-end digital solution that provides clinicians with a more productive, proven and predictable technical process than ever before.

The benefits attainable to those who integrate iTero Element intraoral scanning with the power of BellaTek Encode, and the savings of BellaChek Coupons are unparalleled by any other solution in implant dentistry.

We’re big on results:

60 seconds

Complete a full-arch scan in as little as 60 seconds1

25% faster

The iTero Element 2  processes scans 25% faster3

5.5 million +

Restorative cases scanned2


Practice Growth Through Better Patient Care

Provide your patients with an elevated experience by implementing intraoral scanning technology in your practice, and experience how great customer service can lead to growth.


Benefit from digital workflows for all your treatments: Digitise Your Practice!


Change the way you run your practice. Get Digitalised!


Don’t just tell your patients they need treatment. Show Them Why!


iTero Intraoral Scanners  

iTero Element 2

Meet the newest member of your team – iTero Element 2.

I’m here to help you do what you do – only better. With faster processing and clearer imaging, I’ll transform your digital workflow and your chairside consults, so you can help your patients visualize their potential new smiles – and feel more engaged about their treatment.


iTero Element Flex

I’m iTero Element Flex and I go wherever you go.

My unique, wand-only configuration puts the power of iTero Element technology right in your hands, so you can perform full-arch scans in even the smallest office. I prove that power can come in small packages.

iTero Element 5D

Go Beyond What The Eye Can See.

Just one scan! First intraoral scanner that aids in the detection of interproximal caries lesion.


Patient Communication & Treatment Acceptance


Visualise your patient’s past...

Changes in oral health can be hard to monitor over time, and even harder to illustrate without clear visuals to support.  Scan at every visit to collect comprehensive digital records. Enable proactive discussion of treatment options with  iTero TimeLapse Technology.


Use the Dynamic 3D Display and Real Colour Scans to visualise your patient diagnosis and education on oral health.

and future potential smile.

Invisalign Treatment

Show patients what their teeth could look like after tooth movement with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. Then use the Invisalign Progress Assessment tool throughout treatment to inspire confidence and motivate compliance with a tailored plan. 


Your Digital Journey...

2.  iTero Element scanner models include: iTero Element, iTero Element 2, iTero Element Flex and iTero Element 5D. Please check with your local Zimmer Biomet representative to learn which models are available in your market.


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