Enhance Control and Precision in Each Procedure

Zyston® Interbody Fusion Device / Zyston® Strut Open Titanium Interbody Spacer System

The Zyston System is purposefully engineered to address two of your most important clinical needs: insertion and placement

System Features

Simple Insertion

  • Secure Tactile Control: By providing a strong bond between the Zyston® Straight System inserter and implant, the system is designed to ensure secure, tactile control throughout the insertion process, thus minimising the number of passes through the annulotomy window.
  • Clear Visualisation: The Zyston Straight System’s low profile, 8mm wide x 5mm high inserter provides clear visualisation during the entire insertion process. 
  • Assertive Bi-Directional Leading Edge: The bi-directional leading edge of the implant is approximately 1/3 the height of the implant, allowing the implant to be placed in the tightest of anatomical locations.

Accurate Placement

  • Robust Implant/Inserter Interface: The Zyston Straight System has been designed with a robust connection between the implant and the inserter. This robust connection provides both tensional stability and rotational control, thus enabling the user to accurately guide the implant into the desired position within the intervertebral space.
  • Confidence and Confirmation: A series of strategically placed vertical and horizontal radio-opaque markers assist with visualisation of correct anatomic placement.

Zyston® Curve Interbody Spacer System

The Zyston Curve Interbody Spacer System is a uniquely designed spacer that has been created to address the issue of accurately placing a TLIF graft in the proper anatomical position. The design features a controlled articulating mechanism, which allows for the variable direction of force necessary to turn the implant from direct posterior to lateral. Additionally, the aggressive tapered leading edge of the implant aids with the insertion process to allow for self distraction. The combination of intelligently designed instrumentation (to improve visualisation) and the distinct styling of the implant provides the surgeon with a complete system suitable for complex surgical procedures.


Simple Insertion

  • Secure tactile control designed to minimise the number of passes through the annulotomy window
  • Clear visualisation – 5.25mm diameter low profile inserter shaft

Accurate Placement

  • Controlled articulating mechanism provides variable and fixed angulation
  • Markers provide confidence and confirmation – strategically placed markers form a “plus” sign when placed in the ideal plane



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