The Vital Spinal Fixation System provides an optimized set configuration solution for degenerative thoracolumbar procedures, evolved from the advanced implant and instrument features of the comprehensive Vitality® Spinal Fixation System.

System Features

Vital Spinal Fixation System is an optimized instrument and implant kit configuration for degenerative thoracolumbar procedures.

Optimized Instrument Set

  • Consolidates instruments into only two kits, simplifying what is required for a degenerative case.
  • Minimizes the OR footprint and lowers the burden on staff for sterile field set up and sterile processing, which could reduce OR costs and reduce the surgical staff’s instrument learning curve. 

Operational Efficiencies

  • Color-coded kit configuration streamlines the procedure for scrub techs and surgeons: 

Light blue: pedicle targeting/prep and screw insertion
Gold: rod insertion and manipulation
Green: final tightening
Magenta: transverse connectors

Advanced Screw Design

  • Accommodates 5.5mm and 6.0mm rods.
  • Screws and closure tops utilize T27 drive (one of the largest in industry) 30% greater strength than T25 drive (MDT), 90% greater strength than T20 drive (D/S).
  • Dual-lead Screw: Requires fewer revolutions to insert, and improves surgeon efficiency by allowing screw insertion twice as fast as comparable single lead screws without sacrificing pull-out strength.


Additional Information