Designed for Surgeon Flexibility

The system was designed to provide surgeons with the flexibility to utilize instrumentation based on their personal technique, preference and specific patient needs.

System Features

Vital MIS System is a percutaneous screw delivery system that offers a broad range of cannulated implants and specialized instrumentation for a minimalized, percutaneous or mini-open approach. 

Reinforcement Sleeve

  • Tabs can withstand offset reduction force up to 150N without sleeve and 1400N with sleeve.**

**Data on file at ZimVie (TPR#00692)

Closure Tops

  • Designed to prevent loosening after final tightening and re-tightening of closure top without performance loss.

Rod Inserter

  • Designed for easy rod detachment. Piston design allows for greater opening once rod is released.

Extended Tab Screws

  • Reduces insertion torque with two times the speed as comparable single lead screws.*

*Data on file at ZimVie (TPR#00184)


Important Information

Additional Information