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Featuring an industry-leading retraction system and a complete portfolio of implants and instrumentation, the Timberline System is designed to refine your lateral approach procedures, maximize fusion potential and reshape the patient experience.

System Features

The Timberline Lateral Fusion System is a complete and comprehensive minimally invasive lateral system consisting of an innovative 3 or 4 blade retraction system, implants, and instrumentation.  The system is designed for the treatment of degenerative traumatic and pathologic conditions and deformities of the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Radiolucent construction and modular design

  • Provides simplified functionality and improves fluoroscopic visualization.

Infinite resolution retraction mechanism

  • Allows for more precise control over the size and nature of the surgical corridor.

Integrated posterior shim

  • Eliminates the step of insertion and prevents unwanted retractor migration.

Intraoperative neuromonitoring compatibility

  • Allows stimulation via the dilators and retractor blades.

Fiber-optic light source

  • Produces exceptional illumination without excess heat.

Toeing up to 20°

  • Enhances workspace customization.


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