We’ve Got the Lock on Pedicle Screw Technology

Offering surgeons optimum corrective tools and techniques to achieve the desired spinal balance and function.

System Features

The Polaris Spinal System is a non-cervical spinal fixation system. The system includes screws, HA coated screws, various types and sizes of rods, locking nuts, hooks, lateral connectors, plugs, washers, staples, rod connectors/dominos and various cross connectors. Various instruments are also available for use by the surgeon to facilitate implantation of the device. 


  • The Helical Flange® locking mechanism utilized in ZimVie Spine screws will allow the surgeon to perform spine surgery efficiently and confidently. 

Wide Range of Materials

  • Whichever rod construct material or diameter is preferred, with 13 rod options, the ZimVie Spine portfolio has options for every surgeon. 

Simple, Controlled Derotation

  • The Trivium® Derotation System provides an innovative posterior three-dimensional spinal deformity correction technique that utilizes the power of pedicle screw fixation. 

Comprehensive, Well Designed Instruments

  • Comprehensive, well-designed instrument options to perform complex spinal deformity procedures. 

Important Information

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