Experience the Next Generation of the PathFinder System

The PathFinder NXT® Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw System is backed by a legacy of clinical success with the original PathFinder System, the PathFinder NXT System offers enhanced procedural freedom and streamlined workflow for a broad range of MIS procedures.

System Features

By offering versatile implants and instrumentation, the PathFinder NXT System provides spine surgeons a solution to address multiple pathologies with a less invasive approach.

True Percutaneous Access 

  • Provides a bulleted percutaneous rod and the option for percutaneous delivery. 
  • With a secure rod-to-inserter interface, the next-generation PathFinder NXT System allows for seamless introduction of the rod.


  • The threaded extender sleeves and closure tops enable fine-tuned rod
    seating and reduction, while the power knob provides up to 30 mm of
    vertebral body reduction. 
  • Simultaneous distraction/compression and reduction allows sequential, controlled correction


  • Pedicle access tool streamlines the pedicle targeting process and workflow
  • Proprietary decortication and aspiration instruments help to facilitate a solid fusion all through the same incision



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