A Revoluntionary Approach

The Universal Clamp System provides a revolutionary approach to spinal fixation. It doesn’t replace standard techniques, just preconceived notions. This versatile device uses a band, a clamp and a set screw to simplify the correction of complex spinal pathologies. The unique design of the Universal Clamp Implant provides for an arching-translation correction maneuver. It’s an innovative technique that was created with your needs in mind, making surgical procedures intuitive, sophisticated and elegantly simple.

System Features

The Universal Clamp Spinal Fixation System provides a stable interface between spinal anatomy and the rod through a pedicle-sparing band passage technique. The result is a spinal implant system that provides segmental stability and allows compression, distraction, derotation and translation while sparing the pedicles and reducing implant/bone contact stress. It can work alongside hooks, screws and wires, enabling surgeons to perform translation, reduction, distraction and compression in situ.

Simplified Technique

  • A pedicle-sparing surgical technique that simplifies translation and reduction

  • A patented design that increases the reduction force that can be applied without boney fracture

  • Immediate stabilization of the treated area

  • Minimal instrumentation for greater simplicity

  1. Anatomy Sparing and Adaptable

  • The flexible polyester band of the Universal Clamp System offers a pedicle-sparing approach that is adaptable to a variety of spinal pathologies and provides instantaneous stability when tightened.

  1. Greater Strength, Fewer Limitations

  • Uses a simple sublaminar technique that provides optimal bone/implant interface strength while avoiding the limitations of hooks, wires and screws.
  • Reduction instrument allows for a progressive correction of the spine.
  • Biologically compatible polyester band reduces implant/bone contact stress.
  • The clamp can be attached to a rod to reproduce native spinal curvature.  and is available in multiple sizes.

Important Information

Additional Information