Designed with Flexibility in Mind

The Trinica and Trinica Select Anterior Cervical Plate Systems are versatile spinal implant systems that provide a full range of plate and screw sizes to ensure a better anatomical fit with little or no contouring required. 

System Features

These anterior cervical plate systems are intended for anterior interbody screw fixation of the cervical spine, and feature the innovative Secure-Twist® Anti-Migration System, which secures up to three screws with a twist of the wrist. It also features All-Through-One instrumentation, which provides a common guide for drilling, tapping and screw placement.


  • Easier and more efficient procedures are made possible with only a single hex driver needed to place screws and secure the locking mechanism
  • Convenient All-Through-One guides accommodate drilling, tapping and screw insertion through one tube
  • Variety in plate sizes affords surgeons broad choices in implant selection
  • A wide array of screw options ensures creation of a stable construct to meet patient needs


  • The Secure-Twist® Locking Mechanism secures up to three screws at once, providing tactile and visual feedback
  • Aggressive DiamondTip™ Self-Drilling Screws reduce surgical steps and provide tactile feedback to confirm that the screw is fully seated

Plate Options

  • Plate offerings in 1–3 levels allow surgeons to fuse a multitude of patient pathologies
  • Titanium alloy plates provide proven strength and stability while reducing patient motion


Important Information

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