A Pourous Interbody Solution

TrellOss-TC (TLIF Curved) interbodies may be used in various posterior approaches to the anterior spine, and is intended for use with autograft and/or allograft comprised of cancellous and/or corticocancellous bone graft and with supplemental fixation.

System Features

A 3D printed titanium interbody platform featuring a scaffold structure with 70% porosity and a 7 micron roughened surface topography to foster a cellular relevant environment for adhesion and bone ingrowth.1


  • Controlled Articulating Inserter offers multiple insertion angles by allowing the implant to pivot in-situ up to 55˚.
  • Implants are sterile-packed for reduced risk of contamination and hospital reprocessing costs.


  • Open architecture with 70% porosity including varying pore sizes of 300, 500, and 700 microns that mimic cancellous bone allowing for a conducive environment for cellular activity.1,5,6,7


  • Bullet-tip nose to aid in implant insertion.
  • Central window for graft packing and containment.
  • Scaffolding structure provides additional surface area 2,3 and an elastic modulus similar to PEEK.8


  • Rigid teeth help to resist implant migration.
  • 7 micron surface texturing enhances the wicking nature9 and creates an environment for potential cellular adhesion.2,3,4



Additional Information