Designed For Success

The TrellOss-C is an additively manufactured spacer for implantation up to two levels in the cervical spine. The device is available in an assortment of height, length, width and lordotic angulation combinations to accommodate the individual anatomic and clinical circumstances of each patient.

System Features

A 3D printed titanium interbody platform featuring a scaffold structure with 70% porosity and a 7 micron roughened surface topography to foster a cellular relevant environment for adhesion and bone ingrowth.1


  • Open architecture with 70% porosity including varying pore sizes of 300, 500, and 700 microns that mimic cancellous bone allowing for a conducive environment for cellular activity.1,5,6,7


  • Scaffolding structure provides additional surface area.2,3
  • Central window for graft packing and containment.

Sterile Packed

  • Implants are sterile packed to reduce risk of contamination and hospital reprocessing costs.

Accommodates Surgeon Preference

  • Zero-profile inserter for access and visualization of disc space.
  • Removable depth stop for inserter/trials to accommodate surgeon preference.



Important Information

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