Motion Preservation

ZimVie Spine’s cervical arthroplasty device, the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc (Mobi-C), is the first cervical disc replacement FDA approved for both one and two-level indications. Designed to restore segmental motion and disc height, Mobi-C was approved after an extensive Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) study. In the two-level arm of the IDE, Mobi-C demonstrated superiority in overall trial success compared to fusion at 84 months.  ZimVie Spine is committed to advancing cervical arthroplasty as the standard of care in indicated patients. The Tether –Vertebral Body Tethering System is the only FDA-approved spinal tethering device used as an alternative to spinal fusion for children with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. The Tether is designed to allow the spine to bend and flex, rather than being fixed in place, and uses the patient’s natural remaining growth to achieve correction of scoliosis over time.

MIS Solutions

ZimVie Spine is committed to advancing and developing ground-breaking solutions for differentiated complex and minimally-invasive (MIS) spine procedures. Our Vital™ MIS Spinal Fixation System is backed by a legacy of clinical success and offers enhanced procedural freedom and streamlined workflow for spine surgeons and hospitals. ZimVie Spine is committed to delivering less invasive solutions through intuitive and versatile implants and instrumentation.

Cervical Solutions

ZimVie Spine utilizes its deep industry knowledge and expertise to refine a comprehensive anterior cervical product portfolio of next generation devices that includes Trabecular Metal Technology, PEEK and allograft options. Our implants are designed to facilitate efficient, versatile, and reproducible spinal fusion procedures ready to meet the needs of surgeons and their patients in an ever-changing global spine market. 

Anterior/Lateral Thoracolumbar Solutions

ZimVie Spine’s comprehensive thoracolumbar products are engineered to treat spinal deformities, degenerative, and complex cases with clinical effectiveness, always with a commitment to patient safety. Our lateral solutions include powerful tools like the Timberline® Lateral Fusion System, which offers a three-blade retractor, standard and hyperlordotic spacers, and modular plate/screw fixation options, allowing spine surgeons a wide variety of tools to improve patient outcomes.

Posterior Thoracolumbar Solutions

ZimVie Spine’s thoracolumbar products optimize performance during surgery while providing spine professionals a comprehensive product suite for long-term, one-stop solutions. The Vital™ / Vitality® Spinal Fixation System is an all-inclusive pedicle screw platform that provides surgeons with all of the vital components needed to execute rigid fixation of challenging anatomy in complex thoracolumbar spine procedures. And our wide range of interbody devices includes the TrellOss™ Porous Ti Systems, Trabecular Metal™ Material, and PEEK lumbar fusion options, with comprehensive instrumentation systems. 

Biologics Solutions

ZimVie Spine offers a full line of biologics products including advanced allografts, synthetic bone void fillers, and allograft demineralized bone matrix products to provide best-in-class biologic solutions for use in spine surgery. Our PrimaGen Advanced Allograft is a fresh frozen allograft that provides advanced bone healing support by preserving more of the native bone tissue in order to provide all three components of the bone healing triad.