Elegance in Simplicity

ROI-C with VerteBRIDGE plating offers a sleek and minimalistic stand-alone solution. Streamlined instrumentation functions in-line with the disc space, requiring minimal exposure, while an innovative implant design leaves minimal hardware in the patient, all without sacrificing stability.

System Features

A complete range of shapes, surfaces, footprints, and heights
to fit diverse anatomy.


  • Ease of use: the ROI-C surgical technique requires fewer steps than a traditional ACDF (with plate and screws). 
  • A mini open technique allows for less retraction.ROI-C with VerteBRIDGE offers a complete solution for an anterior cervical fusion. 
  • No hardware whatsoever protrudes anterior of the vertebral body.


  • With two geometries and more footprints than any other competitive product, surgeons can select the perfect fit for any anatomy. PEEK® and Titanium-coated PEEK® accommodate surgeon choice and preference. 
  • Streamlined instrumentation alleviates challenges of patient anatomy such as the chin. 
  • Large fit and fill of available footprints provides initial stability, while self-locking plates are designed for initial and long-term stability.


  • Over 80,000 implantations performed using VerteBRIDGE plating.
  • Biomechanical testing demonstrates that ROI-C with VerteBRIDGE plating performs at a similar level to other products on the market.
  • ROI-C with VerteBRIDGE plating is the stand-alone* market leader.


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