Game-changing Technology

The Lineum OCT Spine System encompasses the Translation™ Screw, which offers 3.0mm of medial/lateral translation; as well as a broad range of construct options, and intuitive instrumentation to encourage procedural efficiency. 

System Features

Few products can truly be deemed game changing. ZimVie’s Translation Screw Technology is one of those rare innovations.


  • Game-changing Translation Screw provides 3mm of medial/lateral translation intended to reduce rod manipulation and ease rod introduction.
  • Adjustable-depth drill and tap guides allow for quick adjustment and easy confirmation of desired depth.
  • Rocket™ Rod Reducers support controlled, sequential rod reduction.


  • Screws in multiple lengths and diameters, as well as smooth shank screws, are intended to meet anatomic needs.
  • Occipital plates are available in three sizes and have seven different points of fixation.
  • Several connectors including rod-to-rod, head-to-head and lateral connectors, are available.


  • Helical Flange® locking mechanism minimizes cross threading and seat splay while enhancing the strength of the locking mechanism.
  • Smooth-shank screws reduce nerve root irritation.
  • Transition rods allow a single rod to be used for a long construct extending to the thoracic spine.


Important Information

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