Natural Aesthetic Results

Implant restorations are a significant investment and your patients have high aesthetic expectations. The grayish hue through thin gingival tissues common with the use of titanium (silver metallic) abutments can compromise those expectations. The solution is the GingiHue Abutment.

  • Designed To Deliver Aesthetics With Ease Of Use
  • Use Familiar Crown And Bridge Techniques
  • Closely Mimic Conventional Therapy
Clinical Challenges

Implant-Abutment Seal Strength with the Gold-Tite Screw

  1. Peri-implant Mucositis - The prevalence of peri-mucositis has been reported as high as 80% of all dental patients.1
  2. Peri-implantitis - The prevalence of implants experiencing peri-implantitis has been reported in excess of 12%.2,3
  3. Crestal Bone Loss - Average implant crestal bone remodeling can exceed 1.5 mm following the first year of function, leading to compromised aesthetics.3

Features & Benefits

  • In areas of even soft-tissue margins, the GingiHue Abutment may only require minor adjustments for interocclusal clearance
  • In areas of variable soft-tissue height, the GingiHue Abutment may be prepared to follow gingival contours to maximize aesthetic outcomes and peri-implant soft-tissue health
  • Direct chairside techniques may be used to restore implants, eliminating additional components and reducing laboratory fees
  • Indirect techniques may be used to prepare a GingiHue Abutment to resemble a custom abutment, reducing chairtime for the restorative clinician
GingiHue Abutment

Designed To Deliver Optimal Aesthetics With Ease Of Use


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