OverdenSURE System Solutions

ZimVie Dental offers a variety of solutions that simplify bar-supported and implant-retained overdenture therapy for clinicians, while providing an improved quality of life for each patient. Options for overdenture therapy include the three most common treatment modalities.

  • Bar-Supported Overdentures
  • Implant-Supported Overdentures
  • LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System (LODI)
Clinical Challenges

Implant-Abutment Seal Strength with the Gold-Tite Screw

  1. Peri-implant Mucositis - The prevalence of peri-mucositis has been reported as high as 80% of all dental patients.1
  2. Peri-implantitis - The prevalence of implants experiencing peri-implantitis has been reported in excess of 12%.2,3
  3. Crestal Bone Loss - Average implant crestal bone remodeling can exceed 1.5 mm following the first year of function, leading to compromised aesthetics.3

Features & Benefits

  • Tested for a passive fit at the BellaTek Production Center
  • Both designs provide lateral stability to the overdenture
  • Designed and milled with CAD/CAM precision
BellaTek Dental Bars


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