T3 Short Implant

T3® Short Dental Implants

The T3 Short Dental Implant’s length and features are designed to provide an implant treatment option in some challenging clinical cases where the bone height is insufficient for standard length dental implants.

The Clinical Challenge:

In areas with minimal bone height, providing dental implant treatment may require complex surgical procedures, such as:

  • A sinus lift procedure in the maxilla
  • Vertical ridge augmentation in the mandible due to the proximity to the mandibular nerve

The Clinical Challenge:  

Clinical Case by: Dr. Stavros Pelekanos, Athens, Greece.

A 32-year-old male patient presented with diminished bone height under the sinus secondary to a fractured root and extraction of the maxillary left first molar eight weeks  prior to surgery.

Clinical Case Images

Clinical Treatment by: Dr. Stefano Sivolella, Padova, Italy.

A 60-year-old female patient presented with a hopeless first molar due to caries, root resorption and severe alveolar bone loss as a result of generalized periodontitis; the inferior alveolar nerve was in close proximity (approximately 7.0 mm).

Clinical Treatment Images


Differentiating Technology

  • T3 Surface: Blasted and acid-etched implant surface with an average roughness of 1.4 µm along the full length of the implant.1
  • Initial Bone-to-Implant Contact (IBIC): The dimensions of the surgical instrumentation and the T3 Short Implant provide a tight implant-to-osteotomy fit, to assist with primary stability.2
  • Implant/Abutment Clamping Force: Proprietary* Gold-Tite Surface lubrication allows the screw to rotate further, increasing clamping force and maximizing abutment stability.3
  • Platform Switching**: Platform switching medializes the implant/abutment junction (IAJ) redirecting the reformation of the biologic width, thus helping to maintain bone levels.4

Coarse and fine micron surface features are designed to create an average mean surface roughness value of 1.4 µm along the full length of the implant.1

T3 Short Dental Implant Drilling & Placement Protocol

T3 Short Dental Implant in reduce bone height posterios mandible

T3® Short Surgical Kit

Everything needed to place a T3 Short Implant in one compact kit 

Instrumentation specific to the T3 Short Implants

  • The drilling sequence undersizes the osteotomy in diameter by 1.15 mm
  • 5.0 mm diameter implants:  Yellow Path
  • 6.0 mm diameter implants:  Green Path
T3 Short Implant Kit

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