Versatility Above And Below The Bone

The Tapered SwissPlus Implant is designed to be placed at tissue level in a one-stage surgical procedure.

  • The fluted machined neck functions as the transmucosal extension of the implant receiving the prosthetic component of the restoration.
  • The MTX® micro-textured titanium portion of the implant which includes the threaded area is placed subcrestally.


Clinical Assessment

Preoperative Planning Considerations:

  1. Clinical examination of the oral cavity can provide important information about the health of the soft tissue at the proposed implant site.
  2. The bony foundation and ridge need to be clinically analyzed to ensure the presence of proper dimensions and the amount of bone for implant placement.

Tapered SwissPlus Implant System Advantages

  • Only one surgical procedure is required, saving time for the clinician. The elimination of a second-stage surgery means less trauma for the patient.
  • The clinician is able to monitor the osseointegration process more effectively by having access to the implant from time of surgery.
  • The soft tissue heals around the implant collar from time of implant placement eliminating the need for additional incisions or a second-stage healing period.
  • The implant includes a Surgical Cover Screw and comes preattached to a proprietary Fixture Mount/Transfer that is used for insertion, impression making and as a full contour final abutment.

Additional Information